Wednesday, March 3, 2010

omg i haven't been to this blog in FOREVER!!!!
so, i was wondering if WOTW was still functioning, because I would love to come and visit you guys even though I'm a sophomore now...
it makes me giggle inside how the blog was super popular for the first month and all of WOTW was on it, and now I haven't posted something in like a year.
i miss all you guys... Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Cheney, former 8th graders, and new 8th graders (who I can't really miss because I've never met them...)
i miss all your sweet writing prompts and the awesome feedback you guys gave me too.
my friend and i are thinking about trying to start a writing club at the high school next year... we'll see how that goes lol
well, i gtg but i'll try to remember to post something later!
Ninja Vampire

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hey, people. I haven't been on this blog for AGES. It sure brings back memories of when I was in War of the Words. Well, if you guys ever need me to come over to a club meeting, just give your old Veteran Lightningwriter a ring! I might actually come. :D

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

writers block

hey so i know like no one is ever on anymore and stuff but i was woundering if you guys have any answers/cures i guess you could say to writers block i havent been able to put anything down for the longest time!! it sucks!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

twinkeling stars and burns

twinkling stars
red flashes of light
bursts of flames
over and over it happens
out of the fire
still with the pain
the world quickly
catches a flame
running screaming
a red burst a loud crash
i quickly sit up
sweating panting screaming
another dream
another nightmare
a nurse runs in
trying to calm me
i want to run away
i fall to the cold hard floor
not caring for the pain giving up
i know its over
forget the pain
the pain that twists and turns
the pain that burns my heart and soul
the nurse picks me up
she sets me on the soft bed
she starts rubbing the burns
the big black burns that cover me, burning me
darkness gathers around me
twinkling stars beckon
flashes of lights fade
bursts of scorching currents trying to bring me back
the stars are calling
my heart stops
the pain is gone, I'm gone
gone from the pain
gone from the nightmares
now I'm free, free from everything
I'm among the twinkling stars now
and I'm never coming back

~ok im not depressed..... i think?~

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Question for the Teachers

The end of the school year is coming pretty hastily. So what becomes of the 9th graders who were involved in this group and this blog? Do we get like kicked off or something when the year ends? Are we aloud to still come to meetings next year even thought we'll be at the high school? I have a feeling that this group (if continued) will grow and become something very cool. I want to watch that or possibly still be involved. So what can/should I do?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So um... I couldn't help but notice we haven't had a contest or anyone posting any of their work on here, so... what's going on?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Teen Writing Conference

So as some and or most of you know, there will be a Teen Writing Conference on the 6th on June (Saturday). It looks kinda cool. You guys probably got a flier for it, but here's a link just for reference:


Remember, all forms have to be mailed in by the 25th!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Re: Poetry Slammage

Just out of curiosity, what did all of you fellows think about the poetry slam? Reactions? Observations? Claims of epic win? I'm just wondering because I have nothing better to reflect upon/do right now (besides update my actual blog for no reason other than to rant about magazines someone found, Twitter, and my age-changing thing soonish and also talking about myself in a post on a school blog that should basically have nothing to do with me). I enjoy feedback and perspective, in short, is all. So to speak.

Uhhh, personally, I thought it was neat. But I didn't really pay much attention. I had to add up numbers and whatnot. Nothing to see there.

Yes. What did you think?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Poetry Slam

Wednesday, May 6th will be our Language Arts Poetry Slam! We will hold a new slam each class hour. There will be 3 rounds. Please consider either competing in the slam or being a judge! Your enthusiasm will make our first poetry slam great!

Friday, April 24, 2009

rain falls

the rain falls
the river flows
wider greener
hitting the surface
it bubbles, knicks, and splashes across
trees bending over
hanging low and heavy
dancing and crying with the rain
the sky clears
everything still and dark
the bright clear moon
turns purple and falls
bringing stars down with it
sounging just like the rain
on the roof of a pavilion
the spring peepers in the swanp
singing their hearts out
all the unknown voices
calling to someone
any one
just asking to be heard.

um yea tell me what ya think! i was thinking about moving the purple one after the green but not sure so...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Exciting announcements...

So, I probably should have posted this a while ago, considering that it happened a while ago, but this is the first time I've had the time. Two things:

1. I finished the first draft of my book! It is 357 pages typed, and it will be more as I continue editing.

2. My book had its birthday! On March 19, 2008, I started writing it! I made it through a whole year!

Well, that killed a whole two minutes... now I have to get back to my boredom.
My life is a flaming ball of nothing.

-Ninja Vampire

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So, my friend Ciara here has some random roleplaying forum characters to give away. She's got too many. I'd offer to do something myself, but I don't think I'd be any good at it... because I'm not great at that, and because it's a Twilight thinger and I'm a self-proclaimed Twilight questioner and debater. :P I don't have the links or whatnot, but I'd say if you're interested you should message her here...(Elvis Pretzel, I think).

Just trying to do a favor. :D

Friday, March 27, 2009

um here is part of my story! i hope you guys like it!

"RUN!!! Hurry go go go!!" I ushered her down behind my fathers throne. For a moment I was worried her neon blue skin and orange hair would give us away but quickly forgot about that when I heard Chad’s deep booming voice come into the room.
“Come out come out where ever you are my little princess.” He said then added. “If you be good then I’ll let you be my queen. I bet you would like that huh? Of course that little maid of yours will have to go but don’t be upset about a little thing like that.”
“Do it…now.” I whispered to Alex.
“NO!!!!!!!” It sounded just like me but from the next room over. You see Alex is a ventriloquist. She is better at it than anybody else in the whole kingdom.
“Ah. There you are my darling.” Chad was saying as he walked down the hallway into the other room. I peeked out behind the chair to see where he was. Gone. Good. I motioned with my hand for Alex to fallow me as I ran as quickly and quietly down the long hallway. We didn’t stop until we got to my bedchamber. I opened the door and walked in. Alex just stood outside the door.
“Ugh!” I cried in frustration. “Come on! No more princess crap! Get in here now!!” I pulled her in after me. She nodded once I closed the door and we went and sat n the gigantic pink bed of mine. Note to self if we live through this change bedclothes to green.
“Ok.” I said in a whisper. “You did great out there Alex but Chads not an idiot and will figure out soon enough that you tricked him.”
“ I know. I’m just still glad he hadn’t transformed yet. Its terribly hard to trick him then.” She told me in a non-whisper. I put my finger to my lips and she nodded. ”Sorry.” She whispered
Phew. I thought to my self. At least that’s over for now.
“ What do we do now. He already has your father and more than half the kingdom locked up! There’s nothing we can do. He’s going to find us kill me and use you to do and go wherever he wants when he wants!” she started to cry. And why shouldn’t she I thought she has every right to be scared I thought to myself.
I took her by the shoulders and gathered her into a hug. We stayed like that for a while before I said.
“ I will never let that creep kill you do you understand that? I’ll do what ever it takes ok?”
She dried her tears on her sleeve and nodded. “How?” I could barely hear her. It sounded like she was trying to hold back more tears but I tried to ignore that fact.
“ I have a plan.” I whispered.
A look of puzzlement washed over her face.
“ What?” she asked still puzzled.
“ Earth.”
“ Earth?”
“ Yes. We are going to earth it’s the only safe place left. Come on get up we need to change.”
I stood up and took her by the hand but she pulled away.
“ No.” She said flatly. “ I’m not going to Earth. There are bugs and-and those things that whirl wind and dust and cows and stuff all over the place like on that one movie. And diseases! We could get sick and die before we even had a chance to fight off Chad!!” she looked almost purple from being so sick.

um yea thats all im going to put for now! and i was wondering do you think i should go back after im done with Nikki (the one telling the story) i should go to brandon?(a regulare boy she will soon meet at school and fall in love with) or should i wait tell she gets to school? thanks your hopeful friend flaming star

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Sorry about the title, I haven't thought of a name yet. Well, no one's posted anything in a while, and I got this idea and the words for the beginning and I just had to write it down so I wouldn't forget. I'll probably use the idea for nanowrimo this year, or something. Maybe not, I'm not sure :D Tell me what you think:

"Amberlynn? Bree--Bree's dead."
Slowly, I put my homework down as I mulled this over in my head. Mother always preferred to come right out and say things--especially the things that were the hardest to say. Usually this left you feeling like she'd run you over with a truck.
Today was a little different. It was more like Einstein telling me that the sky was actually not blue, but bright pink. It was shocking, but I knew Mother, like Einstein, would not joke about something like this.
When it was clear to my mother that I had no response to give, she closed the door and left swiftly, but not before I saw her face and the tears flowing down her cheeks. I realized then that my own eyes should be wet after hearing the news of my dead cousin, especially one who had lived in the same town as me. But I wasn't crying. In fact I didn't even feel very sad. Only thoughtful. I did feel very bad for Brielle, but I knew that wasn't the same thing. Somehow I just couldn't get myself to really feel remorse, as everyone else did.
I wandered out into the living room a few minutes later to find my sister crying on the couch. When she saw me she ran to me and hugged me fiercely as she struggled to suppress her sobs. At age thirteen, Ivy was three years younger than Bree was, but she had still been Bree's favorite cousin. They were always doing things together, and alone, if they could manage to sneak away from the younger cousins who were always begging Brielle to play with them. It had always seemed a little strange, since I was the one who was Bree's age, but I never did anything with her. We didn't even like each other all that much.

As the book goes on, Amberlynn (known as Lynn) will start to learn things about Brielle that she never knew, and realize there was more to her than she thought. By the end she'll wish she'd gotten to know her cousin.
Did I portray Amberlynn okay? I don't want her to seem like a terrible person, because she doesn't care that Brielle's dead, but I did need to show that she and Bree didn't have a very good relationship. So did I do okay?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Writer's Digest

Writer's Digest holds a short story competition every month. They give you a prompt and the story must be 750 words or fewer, you can submit this through their website and the winner gets published in an issue of Writer's Digest. This month's prompt is:

"A 20-something man sits in a taxi in front of his parents' house, trying to find the strength to tell them that he (fill in the blank)."

The entries are due March 10th (I know that's short notice, but its still fun and there will be more).

Their website is also very cool, they have a lot of other competitions and tips and things on there that you should all go check out.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vote for the worst first line of a novel

Entry #1

Title: NOT Crazy

Genre: fantasy/young adult???

They all said I was crazy, when I claimed to have seen a two faced walrus dragon with not just one, but two unibrows, not to mention clad in brown and yellow polka dotted bows - and all I could do was laugh - ha, ha, HA, for I knew what I had seen with my uneven rotten pineapple shaped pupils, and if they would not choose to taste the milkweed flavored truth then they would just have to whither in their own guilty insipidness of repulsive lies.

Entry #2

Genre: Suspense, thriller, walruseating, happy and fun.

At the movies the following Saturday, a predicament, inescapable as it was, allowed the little child to meet (being one of its upmost dreams)-and later be consumed by- a large, intelligent, French speaking dinosaur who peered out of its glasses with such delight with cheery eyes and a beautiful, almost persuasive smile, showing how interesting its personality could be.

Entry #3

Genre: Mystery

It was a dark and stormy, yet somehow sunny and warm night; the kind that ran shivers down another persons spine and made you sneeze your brains out.

Friday, February 20, 2009

War Of The Words Logo Contest

These are the "entries," shall we say, of the WOTW Creative Writing Club logo contest. Please leave a comment joyously proclaiming your choice. I would make a poll or something on the sidebar, but I am just a person without admin privileges and that would not work. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


ok so i started this book thinking it would end up to be this romance action with aliens and stuff so i tried to start it but it is like wrong does that make sence? but what ended up on the paper i think is good its just not what i wanted to what do i do do i keep it and just try again or do i just through that one away and start all over?

Logo Contest

Remember our logo contest. Bring your best logo with you to our meeting on Thursday.


1st contest

Yeah, I know I said I'd do this almost TWO WEEKS AGO!!!!! Sorry about the delay.

Introducing our first WOTW contest:

"World's Worst First Sentence of an Imaginary Novel"*

*inspired by the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest held by newspapers around the county.

Look here for winners of the 2008 Deseret News contest.

Look here for the national contest and related links.

Here are the ground rules for our contest:
  • Entries are limited to one sentence. That sentence, however, does not have a word limit. For the purposes of this contest, let's adopt the "more is more" approach.
  • Please include the genre of your imaginary novel.
  • You may submit more than one entry as long as each entry is a different genre.
  • Liberal use of cliches, hyperbole, misplaced modifiers, parenthetical phrases, semi-colons, dashes and the word "suddenly" is highly encouraged.
  • Have fun!

Submission guidelines:

  • Submission deadline is Wednesday, February 4 at 10:00 p.m.
  • Submit your entry as a comment in this post.
  • On Thursday, February 5, I will paste all submissions into a new post. I will also set up a poll in the right side bar so you can vote for your favorite.
  • The poll will be closed on Wednesday, February 11 at 10 p.m.
  • The winner will get a small award during our meeting on February 12.

There you go! I hope you have fun with this one. Comment here if you have any questions.

Friday, January 16, 2009

What to do?

I'm not sure if the contest themes should be something strange and random to think about, or to be serious.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Moon of Malgharen

Hey, peoples! I've finally posted a bit of my book, Moon of Malgharen. It's in my own Blog at the moment (If I posted it in this one, it would probably just get in the way). Go to my Portfolio and click on the link at the bottom that says WOTW Story Post Blog. Enjoy!


Friday, January 2, 2009

Misty Night

Hey Misty Night are you from our school? Your profile says you're from Bear River. . . so I was just wondering.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


OK guys I need like serious help! there is something wrong with the beginning of my story I used to really like and now I'm not so sure. its like its not the same thing or something you know?? I still like it its just i want to know if you guys think i should change it?? so please help I've already posted it it is the one labeled "life"it is right under neath 'the memory of Annie'! so please scroll down and read it and leave a comment because ya just help me out! thanks to all that help!
your majorly desperate friend flaming star

Friday, December 26, 2008


Something New

This is all I have written for a “story” that can’t really go anywhere..

Something must be new every day.
This seemed to be the outlook on life for Ziggy Stardust*. He did not acknowledge its meaning in his life, but it was surely subconsciously there. Every day he set out the day with the goal of getting a new experience, good or bad, as long as it was new.
The end.
*I guess I shouldn’t keep the name Ziggy Stardust. It’s just a great song by a great singer and basically the best name of all time. But maybe I should have something more ordinary, no? O_O


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Okay, so I have been texting random notes into my phone for about a month now, and I know it’s neither creative or writing, but whatever. Here are the notes…they're mostly songs, actually. :P Whoops.

1-I just recently got a new phone with a working screen, so stay tuned for more random and freaky cell-notes from Amerah Ames!!
2- Things Everyone Must Do Before They Reach Their Demise:
Write a stupid list that no one cares about.
Be serious at times and funny at times.
Draw a hippopotamus
3- Continued.
Become an internet superstar.
Listen to The Beatles
Read a book and cry about it.
Go to a Weird Al concert.
Keep some kind of journal/personal narrative.
4- How can you be pro-life and anti-gay?
5- Queen is truly musically dynamite with a laser beam. I love them more than a fat kid loves cakes and shakes. (As a YouTube friend once said about The Killers)
6- It’s impossible to say I love you to someone who is roughly 3.8 times your age and can smack you with an accordion.
7-Do you want to be a microphone?
8- “I’m fine, but I still hear those voices at night.” (The Killers, Spaceman)
9-On December 2nd, I found the perfect banana.
10-“Don’t want to harmonize with you..with me.. Change KEY! I need a nap!” (Kate Winslet, Weird Al Yankovic, I Need A Nap)
11-“I closed my eyes and she slipped away… more than a feeling, when I hear that old song they used to play…” (Boston, More Than A Feeling)
12- “:Don’t make me slap you.” (House, Hugh Laurie) ENDOFTHEWEEKENDITIS
13- I just heard “Human” by The Killers twice in a row. On the radio.
14- “You say I’m obsessed, I say I’m in love” ~The Killers (The Killers, Desperate)
15- “Life has a funny way of helping you out.” (Alanis Morrisette, Ironic)
16-FATALITY! Teeeheee! (Nigahiga, How To Be --- videos)
17- I’m DOOMED as DOOMED can be you know! (Martin Short, Saturday Night Live)
18-The Unabomber…is WEIRD AL YANKOVIC??
19-“I live in a VAN, down by the RIVER!!” (Chris Farley, Saturday Night Live)
20-“How long have you been seventeen?” “Awhile. Just like every young actor in Hollywood.” (Twilight/High School Musical Spoof, YouTube)
21-“That’s just wiggity wiggity wiggity WHACK!” “Crack is whack.” (some song and Whitney Houston.)
22-“Hurry up, hurry up hurry up and wait!” (Blondie)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

How Do You Know?

Okay, so I just joined this thing and I've spent forever just trying to figure it out. Having grown up in the 21st century you might think I would understand how to use a blogging website.

Well I don't. I never blogged before in my life....

But I didn't post this to whine about my lack of blogging expertise, I'm posting this to ask a question.

How do you know if a book is worth revising and editing?

I wrote a book and I'm wondering if the plot and story is even worth rewriting and editing. So how can you even tell?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Word of the week

Yeah, I know, it's late again. Maybe I should change the day to Saturday.
So, I tried to find something Christmasy for you guys, but I failed. Unfortunately I am not sapient enough to mitigate the sadness you have due to the sad fact that I am unable to find a Christmasy word. Yay! I used both of the other words of the week in the same sentence. That was sorta random, though.

Here it is!!
Oh, and again, I don't want the Wiki nerds to sue me for all I'm worth, so the credit for this goes to Wikipedia. (No offense the the Wiki nerds...)

Part of Speech - Noun
Definition - the act or process of being transformed into a different form
Sentence - Um, I can't think of one. Leave a comment with a sentence you thought of that contains this word. Please. Thank you.

--Ninja Vampire--

Friday, December 19, 2008

I Don't Know if I Wanna Post my Nonsense! (:

My friend told me to write a hard to understand e-mail to someone randomly. This is what I came up with.

So I'm at my grandma's right? And she sends me to find her shoes. I guess she lost them in a stratus cloud. So, like a good little girl, I run to fetch them. I climb up the never-ending stairs and step into K-Mart. Ring, ring. It's my mother dearest.
"Where are you?"
"Washington D.C."
"What?!" My mom promptly freaks out.
"Oh, don't worry. I have my noteworthy design tucked safely away in Miami."
"Oh!" she lets out a gust of relieved C02. "Tell your duck I said hi." So I hang up and start walking away from the K-mart. My duck is nowhere to be found. She's probably hibernating with her friends. I step into the busy street and dodge Superman as he flies super-sonically fastly by. I wave and scowl. Superman isn't as neato as my Elvis impersonator friend thinks. Sometimes I hate my brain, I mutter to my indulgent mind. I silently make a vow to kill every pigeon that has ever lived as one flies by my ear. I shoot out a limb and kick it. It does a double back-flip and then bounces on the ground like a rubber bouncy ball. I immediately feel euphoric and jog the rest of the way to the Toast Emporium.
My pocket vibrates and I answer my phone. Somebody I don't know says: In Gulliver's Travels Jonathan Swift described the two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, giving their exact size and speeds of rotation. He did this more than 100 years before either moon was discovered.I blink in shock."Hum. I learned that last year in Sunday School."
"I know you did."
"Who is this?" I ask with a slight tremor in my voice.
"Your worst nightmare. Muahha--" I promptly hang up to give him the burn of never finishing his evil laugh. I run, run until my legs burn. I take a seat in the Emporium and ask the kid seated next to me if he's ever been lonely in a crowded room. He gawks at me and then scoots over a couple of seats away.
It was then that I saw my Grandma's pink shoes on the kids feet. My pupils get smaller and my nostrils flare. I jump up and grab him by the fro, he shrieks and shields his mouth. My scowl deepens and I yell ""Inventario II" ("Inventory II") compiles the poems in Spanish that Mario Benedetti wrote from 1986 to 1991. But... who is Benedetti?. That is an extremely pertinent question, especially in the USA, where not many people know him (unfortunately for them, I might add). He is a very gifted poet and writer, born in Uruguay in 1920, who had to abandon his country for quite a few years due to a military dictatorship in his country... In my opinion, some of his books are wonderful, and "Inventario II" is one of them. I generally don't like poetry, but after borrowing this book from a friend out of curiosity, I decided to buy it!"
I let go of his fro and take off his blue shoes (they change colors). I look back as I walk out of the double doors. A single tear rolls down my hot cheek as I throw a dryer sheet to him. I jog back to Washington DC and give my grandma her shoes. Then I walk to school. ...I had a good day.